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Being one of the most trusted staffing solutions in Winnipeg, Perfect Placement Systems has been helping job seekers for years. We believe that every new employee should be aware of his/her rights and responsibilities at work. Below, we have curated a comprehensive guide on workers’ rights, responsibilities, and safety guidelines for you. Contact us for more information or fill out the new worker orientation form below.

Workers’ Rights

You have the right to know how to do your job safely, what hazards are in your workplace and how to prevent injuries from those hazards.
You have the right to participate in safety and health activities in the workplace without fear of discipline.
You are legally entitled to refuse work you believe to be dangerous to your safety and health or to that of another worker.
You can’t be disciplined or discriminated against for exercising your rights and acting in the best interest of safety.

Workers’ responsibilities

All workers must:

Take proper care to protect themselves and others.
Follow the safety and health rules of the workplace.
Use personal protective equipment, clothing and devices provided by Perfect Placement Systems and or assigned workplace.
Cooperate with the workplace safety and health committee or representative.
Cooperate with others on workplace safety and health matters.

New Employees

Prior to accepting a placement, you will be presented with the following information:

Date, time and wage information
Detailed job description
PPE requirements

Once you've heard the placement information you can decide to accept or refuse the position. If you decide that you are unable to take the position for any reason, your information will be retained and accessed for future opportunities unless you request otherwise.

If you are able to accept the position, see below.

Upon receiving your temporary placement you will receive:

A time-slip containing the company address for where, when and whom you are to report to.
Upon arrival at your designated workplace, report to the supervisor named on your time slip.
Your time-slip will also contain the address and phone number for Perfect Placement Systems.
You may give your time-slip to your supervisor or retain it yourself but you must ensure that your time-slip is filled out with your correct hours and signed upon completion of your assignment.
All hours worked must be submitted to our office no later than 9 AM of the first Thursday following your assignment to ensure your hours are payrolled.

Safety at the Workplace

Due to the nature of temporary industrial employment, you could be working in a variety of settings. While this is exciting and a great skill-building and networking opportunity, safety is paramount.

The following information is important to know so that you are comfortable and calm should you encounter a workplace safety issue.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your supervisor so they know that you're on-site should there be an evacuation or other emergency.
If you feel the need to report unsafe work conditions, report it immediately to your supervisor and then contact our safety officer Clint Drime at the number provided on your time-slip.
Our safety officer will make contact with your supervisor to address your concerns.
You are NOT required and no penalty will be incurred if you decide to terminate your assignment even if our office and the placement client deem your safety concern addressed.

If our safety officer deems the environment unsafe, we will immediately suspend service to the placement client. You will be required to vacate the job site (you do NOT need to get your time-slip signed.) Perfect Placement will supply transportation from the job site if requested.


New Employee Orientation Form

Fill out the following form below to begin your employee orientation process today. Reach out to us if you have any questions.




Orientation Checklist


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